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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Hearts Week and a very special box.

  Happy hearts week to everyone! 

  Do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day?

  Here it sort of blends in with our anniversary which is the 19TH so basically the entire month of February is just one big celebration of love in our home.  This year marks 15 years of marriage so I've been trying to come up with creative romantic ideas for our big day but I'm thinking we will probably just try for a nice dinner somewhere. 

  In addition to planning something for my anniversary I also organized several Valentine's boxes which I mailed to Grandparents, Aunts and Friends. I was a busy gal here the last few weeks. One of those boxes went to my good blogger friend Cindi of Cindi's Country Corner. Cindi had contacted me on Pinterest via message and after chatting we decided to exchange small boxes.  I sent mine out last week with a few goodies I picked up from Shipshewanna including apple butter, heart candies and an Amish toddlers outfit. There was also a yo-yo candle mat I bought from Ebay and a prairie doll I made. 

    Cindi's box of goodies arrived yesterday and the kids helped me tear into it but unfortunately I didn't get any photos until after the damage was done.


  Little jars Cindi sent. I love the Farmhouse white gleam of them.

  Wonderfully had stitched pillow she made.

   Soy candle and tin candle holder with heart punch outs.

  And hand stitched tags for my Valentine tree. Cindi had also made cinnamon hearts but they didn't make the journey :(

   And if the box wasn't sweet enough already and had far exceed a small box, she also included a white heart basket and three mini bunnies which I adore. She wanted to kick me off for Easter! 

   So it's official, Cindi is just the sweetest person ever and you should visit her blog if you haven't already and say hello. 

   I'm off now to plan for the busy week and to plan dinner but I hope you all have a wonderful night and a great next weekend planned. 



Friday, January 30, 2015

My daughter {brag post}.

I'm going to take a moment to brag about my teenage daughter.

My daughter is hearing impaired, socially challenged and for the most part increasingly nonverbal.

Dr's have given us one diagnosis but she is still undergoing testing.

One thing my daughter loves is acting. Of course not so much speaking, although, she will at times but she loves the camera. She adores movies, theatre, Cosplay, anything imaginative and creative.

In September she went to the Salt Lake City Comic Con as a Japanese school girl and was able to meet Captain Jack Harkness from Dr. Who. She smiled and that is very rare. 

For Halloween she went as Elsa from Frozen.

She also dressed up for the Halloween train ride and was thrilled with how many kids came up to hug her. The train station asked her to pose behind their soda fountain for their Halloween brochure.

She definitely loves the camera and has always asked me to book her auditions. I just never could between work and school and the younger children. However, last August she had her first opportunity. I got wind of a local independent film being shot in Grand Rapids and began corresponding with one of the assistant directors. They were more than happy to include not only my daughter in their film but my husband as well. They actually wanted the entire family but I hate the camera and there's no way the boys could have done a 8am-6pm shoot. 

My daughter was used as an extra in several scenes.  She absolutely loved it and the best part was that she made a new friend, another boy her age that one day would like to direct. 

The official trailer has been released but the festival dates have not as of yet.

I do not yet know how to embed links in Blogger mobil so please forgive my ignorance. Here is the link to the Alone in the Universe trailer where you can see my daughter at the 1:43 mark.

I'll always be grateful to Director Joshua Courtade and staff for allowing her the opportunity to experience one of her dreams. Of course now she's got the acting bug bit for the time being we are focusing on local theatre. In fact, she wrapped up The Wizard of Oz last November.

    That's going to wrap up my brag post. I'm pretty proud of this kid for sticking with her goals and dreams. I learn from her everyday and you'd think it would be the other way around. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Valentines crafting.

  Well, I had written a very witty and amusing post but apparently Blogger mobil
 disagreed and erased it.  I really dislike blogging this way, it's such a chore.

  Anyhow, I wanted to show you the pattern I'm working with during our 
bitter cold shut in.
 Truthfully, it's so cold my car has refused to,start for two days. 
True story and a sad one too.

  So the pattern is by Vivian Fuller of Blue Moon Beginnings and it's her 
Primitive Valentine Kitties E-pattern for $6.50

  Here is the Etsy link:

  Here is the first set of kitties I made for a patient of mine. 
This really is such a cute set that I'm going to be 
handing out as gifts this February. 


   I left my white Christmas tree up and made a few fabric hearts to go with the white 
Christmas lights and red Christmas ribbon.
 I also found red hearts and star Christmas ornaments on sale 
for .30 and our Dollar General!

   See the heart with the button in it? .30 at Dollar General!  

    It is white out there. Awful continuous sheets of high speed snow and ice. Yuck. I'm going to stay indoors and
enjoy our heater. 

  Winter wonderland blessings!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas in the new house.

  It's been nearly a year since my last post! Wow! I hope some of you hung in there with me.  

 I'm sorry for the hiatus but I've been busy trying to rebuild our lives after having to tear down our farmhouse. We lost roughly 98% of everything we owned. Anyhow, we are settled in the new house and are adjusting well.

  I'm going to get picture heavy on you since I don't have to much to say at the moment. 

   Happy New Year everyone!

The children's playroom.
  My youngest son made me the adorable Christmas plate.
  The children making gingerbread cookies.
  My middle child icing his cookie.
   Gingerbread cookie assembly line.
   My youngest dislikes waiting.
  My daughter trimming the tree.
   The boys helping to trim the playroom tree.
  We had to take a little off the top.
   Our fir tree and first real tree in over 3 years.
  The main living room Christmas display.
  I love this faux white tree which will stay up year round for different holidays.
  Christmas cards from friends and family.
  My Christmas Precious Moments figurines. 

   Snowman cheese stick at the kids school party.

  Melted snowman cookie. So cute!
  My youngest with Santa (bus coordinator).
  Some of our girls.
  My mama Christmas sheep I made from old barnwood.
  Grandma snowWoman I made from old barn wood. She moved next door to live with our neighbor. 
  Farmhouse white ladder with glitter flakes I made from old barn 2x4's for the sweet lady across the way.
  Our main living area and husband relaxing.
  Miniature Christmas display I put together in a table top desk.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

The humming sound of a window unit.

  It is hot here! Whaaaa. It seems as if just a few weeks ago we were still seeing snow flurries and now we are crowded around a small window unit trying to stay cool in 80 degree weather. I can't honestly tell you why we are crowded around a window unit and not utilizing our central air but I'm sure the home center we purchased our home theough can tell you. We paid for air yet we sit and wait. They show up once a week, push some dirt around and then leave to take other jobs. It's frustrating. The home is nice and we love it here, however, we are all ready for a smooth surface to walk on. We are all tired of tripping on huge dirt rivets in the yard. Plus I'd like some grass out there.

  I did manage to put some crop in the ground and I'm happy to see that the strawberries are doing well and the onions are sprouting but I think I lost much of my seed to a pesky rabbit. BUT I don't think the rabbit will be bothering my garden anymore since I found him in pieces today. Apparently Peter was someone's meal last night.

  We also have been invaded by Finches! They are everywhere since I put out wild Finch seed a few weeks ago and are they are  just the most amusing little characters. I also set out a hummingbird feeder but I have yet to see any. Chipmunks are an issue here and although they are downright adorable, the population is out of control. We also have a couple of nesting Swans, which makes two sets near us and are always a lovely sight.

  Anyhow, the house is coming along and we are settling in just fine. I do post fairly often on Instagram under PrimitiveBlessings since it is such a chore to try and make mobil blogger work. Instagram is just a snap, comment and upload. Love it! So, if you like, find me over there for updated photos of the kids and home.

  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




Monday, March 31, 2014

We've moved in.

   Hi everyone!  I just wanted to drop a line and let everyone know we've moved in.  The house isn't quite finished but it's livable and we just couldn't afford another month of hotel fees.  

  I'm not posting much because blogger is being difficult, not letting me post photos or saying my blog has been deleted. One of these days I'll figure this out.


Daughters room.

Youngest boys room.

Main living room.

The giant mud hole we are currently living in.

He's four today!!

He took cake to our neighbors yesterday in his John Deer :)

   As we get settled I'll try to update more often.  

  I hope you all are well and enjoying some warmer weather!