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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The humming sound of a window unit.

  It is hot here! Whaaaa. It seems as if just a few weeks ago we were still seeing snow flurries and now we are crowded around a small window unit trying to stay cool in 80 degree weather. I can't honestly tell you why we are crowded around a window unit and not utilizing our central air but I'm sure the home center we purchased our home theough can tell you. We paid for air yet we sit and wait. They show up once a week, push some dirt around and then leave to take other jobs. It's frustrating. The home is nice and we love it here, however, we are all ready for a smooth surface to walk on. We are all tired of tripping on huge dirt rivets in the yard. Plus I'd like some grass out there.

  I did manage to put some crop in the ground and I'm happy to see that the strawberries are doing well and the onions are sprouting but I think I lost much of my seed to a pesky rabbit. BUT I don't think the rabbit will be bothering my garden anymore since I found him in pieces today. Apparently Peter was someone's meal last night.

  We also have been invaded by Finches! They are everywhere since I put out wild Finch seed a few weeks ago and are they are  just the most amusing little characters. I also set out a hummingbird feeder but I have yet to see any. Chipmunks are an issue here and although they are downright adorable, the population is out of control. We also have a couple of nesting Swans, which makes two sets near us and are always a lovely sight.

  Anyhow, the house is coming along and we are settling in just fine. I do post fairly often on Instagram under PrimitiveBlessings since it is such a chore to try and make mobil blogger work. Instagram is just a snap, comment and upload. Love it! So, if you like, find me over there for updated photos of the kids and home.

  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




Monday, March 31, 2014

We've moved in.

   Hi everyone!  I just wanted to drop a line and let everyone know we've moved in.  The house isn't quite finished but it's livable and we just couldn't afford another month of hotel fees.  

  I'm not posting much because blogger is being difficult, not letting me post photos or saying my blog has been deleted. One of these days I'll figure this out.


Daughters room.

Youngest boys room.

Main living room.

The giant mud hole we are currently living in.

He's four today!!

He took cake to our neighbors yesterday in his John Deer :)

   As we get settled I'll try to update more often.  

  I hope you all are well and enjoying some warmer weather!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

   Valentines day is going to be simple this year; minimal decorating and Dollar Store tear apart cards for the kids to take to school.  Husband and I aren't going to do anything special and I'm just hoping he gets off early enough to join us for dinner.  Our 14 year anniversary is the 19th and we always look forward to that day vs. Valentines day so we may try to plan a nice dinner that night.

  I did add a bit of cheer to our hotel room! Here it is!

   Dollar store stickies and a little glass jar with moss and twine balls.  The vintage Valentines girl is an image I cut out of a bag I found in my crafting stash.

  Right now I'm working on my daughters throw pillows and you can see I have one curios kitty, well, I think she's REALLY after the taco that next to me.  She thinks she's coy.

  I'll finish up the pillows tonight and put them in a tote that holds items I've been collecting for the new house.  

  I probably won't post again until next week so I will go ahead and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

XOXOXO ~Christina 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunshine can only bring good news!

  That's right!  It's warming up and our builder said he will begin the foundation Monday.  If the weather holds in the 30' and above, we may have a March 1st move in date.  Can you imagine the sigh of relief?  

  Today I'm taking the little guy to help me pick out kitchen wares at the Dollar Tree and Tuesday Morning.  Lately, The Dollar Tree has been carrying the Betty Crocker line which I love.  They also have flatware which, if accidentally thrown away, won't make me cry.  And I think I'll check Tuesday Morning for a set of nicer flatware we can use when guests come over!  I'm soooo excited about being able to entertain and host company. 

  One gracious blogging friend did make a generous donation and I would like for her to know that the funds donated will go towards purchasing mattresses for the older two children.  

  When we vacated most items were left behind, sofa, beds, chairs, kitchen items, appliances, everything really because the methamphetamine just soaked into everything and if a seal was broken on an appliance, consider it destroyed.  We decided to go the safest route and abandon anything that was not an heirloom or emotionally valuable (photos, etc).

  Essentially, we are starting all over again.

  However, it will be a fun process and bonding experience for us all.  The kids are old enough to help make decisions about their spaces and oh my, you should hear some of their ideas!

  Anyhow, I'm burning daylight, better scoot.

  Take care!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Keep praying for warmer weather! It's working!

  On Google this past week a lady had this to say, "Who ever is praying for SNOW, please stop!"

Yes! Please, so we can build our house.

Then I saw this photo on WSBT and thought I should make a similar one for our property :/

  However, it looks as if we will reach the 30's and possibly even the 40's by the middle of the month!  That would be such a blessing as it will allow the builders to begin our site work and means we can move out of the hotel sooner rather than later. Financially, we weren't prepared to stay for a third month so we are praying for a March 1st move in least the first week anyhow.

  Please continue to pray for warmer temperatures my friends, it's working!



Monday, February 3, 2014

The snow!

 Good morning all!   The sun is shinning and the roads are clear so after I dropped the kids off at school I stopped by the old house to get the mail and this is what I found....nearly buried.  Also, our white picket fence has been destroyed by the force of the plows throwing the snow.  I am very thankful the new house will be set back further off of the road and I think when we replace the fence, it will just be around the play area and the garden instead of across the front of the property.

    I'm not participating in a craft session today due to our busy weekend. Daughter had a competition at Air Zoo for girls interested in becoming engineers.  It was a great event hosted by the Zoo and Leaugue of Women Engineers. Her team came in third place. 

   Last night I found a trio of French country moss balls on One Kings Lane which I liked but not for $50 or even the $19.99 sale price. I think they would make a darling bowl filler for Easter so if I can make it to the Dollar Store this week, I'll share a very cheap DIY moss ball tutorial next Monday. 

   That's going to wrap it up for me today. The laundry awaits!

Stay warm and dry my friends!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

The new house.

    And it's snowing again.  No real surprise there but I have a feeling with this blizzard like weather, our site work will be postponed until spring. The builder tells us they cannot pour the foundation until we reach above freezing temperatures and well, frankly, these storms seem never ending.

   To keep our spirits high we often look at the original housing brochure with the floor plan we chose. Right now it's tattered and on the floor next to the little guy because he carries it around like a security blanket.  He just doesn't quite understand the depth of the situation.  The other day I asked him to point to his room and after he did so, I drew in furniture and he seems quite pleased now.  I also bought him a childrens book on construction to help explain the process of tearing down and rebuilding and now there are less cries for the old house.

   So I thought I would share with you what we ordered from Hart Housing.  We chose a very economical HUD home with the very basic amenities.  With The Pulse we had almost no choices as far as decor. Black cabinets, paneled walls, faux stone vinyl floors and one color carpet. Nothing fancy in the least. We did opt to put in ceiling mount electrical for each of the rooms but could not afford the actual lights/fans so we will have to install them later as we can afford it. We also opted for the fourth bedroom but then gave up a patio door.

  One option we did have was placement and exterior color. We chose to have the home run vertical on our property so the entrance is the mud room.  I liked the idea of kids coming in wet, muddy, dirty and being able to take off their outdoor attire before entering the rest of the home.  I also liked that while I am washing dishes, I can look out and watch them play on their swing set. Now for the exterior color I chose a slate grey siding and red shutters. When I looked at the two together I instantly thought Colonial and that my friends, sold me.

  It's a very plain shoe box home, no real roof pitch and the decor is not at all our style; however, it will be brand spanking new.  We don't have to worry about what the previous home owners did within its four walls. It's a clean home and it will be ours. We will provide plenty of character.


     I'm pretty excited about a few things like the fourth bedroom, which we opted to do, two full baths and a separate laundry room. It just can't be built soon enough.

    So friends, what do you think? Leave me a comment or send me a message. I do enjoy you stopping by and I'm so glad some of you have managed to find your way to the new blog!

  Stay warm.



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm taking a vacation.

In a novel. 

   I'm so happy to have finally found reading material that I can curl up with.  


   When I realized I was lacking a bookmark I dug into my scrap material and made one using a tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets.  And if if I do say so myself, it turned out pretty adorable.
(I apologize, I can not find the permalink in mobile blogger)

That's all folks, short, simple and quick. 

I'm off to plan tomorrows day and hopefully curl up with chapter 6 and 7 tonight.

Stay warm!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinned it, Made it!

    Before I canceled my blog and lost my creative flair I participated in Pinned it, Made it! Monday's with Tammy, blogger of Country Girl at Home.  I often looked forward to Mondays, perhaps, because my inner child could still participate in show and tell.  Not only did I look forward to Mondays, I also  was excited for the weekend prior because it meant I needed to find something productive to do whether it was trying out a new recipie or craft tutorial.  Many times my daughter would help and even sometimes the entire family would join in on the task that I was trying to complete which brought us closer as a family unit.  

    I have missed participating and I know Tammy has wondered if she will keep hosting the Pinned it, Made it! Mondays, however, I hope she continues to do so. Even though my family is recovering from an unfortunate event and we are monetarily challenged, I will strive to participate when I can.  It will be a new goal of repurposing like today's pin which cost me $0! So it's possible! I'll just have to get the mental cogs in motion to see what creative FREE pins I can come up with.

    Now let me show you my $0 repurposed pin from Corner blog.l

  • Materials List

  • Old T-Shirts
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Needle and thread (I used a sewing machine)

   I used one of my old stained T-shirts and one of my husbands as well.  I knew I wanted to make a basket similar to the one above, however, I didn't particularly want to commit to that size. I also used the slip knot method vs. sewing the ends together. The outcome was an adorable shabby chic tote perfect for my daughters American Girl doll and a little braided rag rug for her dolly as well.

    You can see dolly is ready for a winter pic-nic complete with pumpkin bread and Cracker Barrel syrup....ummmm...yummm?? 
    This is a very simple craft, one you don't need to commit to for an extended length of time which for me was essential.  It can be done completely by hand, no machine needed. For me the most important aspect was cost and since I had everything on hand I didn't need to spend a dime and now my daughter has a few small treasures to enjoy....minus the syrup.

On no! Look away, look away! Ugh! This is a view from our hotel room and as you can see, well, you can't see the sidewalk that was recently plowed. In fact, the pic-nic bench will be buried soon. At least we didn't have to make the hour long drive to school but husband did have to go in and make the hour  and a half long drive this morning. I've read they are ticketing folks on the roads so I'm praying he's safe and ticket free, we simply can't afford more negatives in our life. Only positives! 

Stay warm and cozy and if you get a chance, take a peek at my side bar and join my blog!