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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunshine can only bring good news!

  That's right!  It's warming up and our builder said he will begin the foundation Monday.  If the weather holds in the 30' and above, we may have a March 1st move in date.  Can you imagine the sigh of relief?  

  Today I'm taking the little guy to help me pick out kitchen wares at the Dollar Tree and Tuesday Morning.  Lately, The Dollar Tree has been carrying the Betty Crocker line which I love.  They also have flatware which, if accidentally thrown away, won't make me cry.  And I think I'll check Tuesday Morning for a set of nicer flatware we can use when guests come over!  I'm soooo excited about being able to entertain and host company. 

  One gracious blogging friend did make a generous donation and I would like for her to know that the funds donated will go towards purchasing mattresses for the older two children.  

  When we vacated most items were left behind, sofa, beds, chairs, kitchen items, appliances, everything really because the methamphetamine just soaked into everything and if a seal was broken on an appliance, consider it destroyed.  We decided to go the safest route and abandon anything that was not an heirloom or emotionally valuable (photos, etc).

  Essentially, we are starting all over again.

  However, it will be a fun process and bonding experience for us all.  The kids are old enough to help make decisions about their spaces and oh my, you should hear some of their ideas!

  Anyhow, I'm burning daylight, better scoot.

  Take care!



  1. Yippee! So glad to hear the good news!

  2. Yay!!!!!that is really great news Christina, hugs Francine.

  3. That is wonderful news!!!!! You and your family needed it so bad.
    Have fun shopping!!

  4. That is fabulous news that your house is paid for. Praise the Lord. God is good.

    I'm so happy for you and your family Christine.