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Monday, February 3, 2014

The snow!

 Good morning all!   The sun is shinning and the roads are clear so after I dropped the kids off at school I stopped by the old house to get the mail and this is what I found....nearly buried.  Also, our white picket fence has been destroyed by the force of the plows throwing the snow.  I am very thankful the new house will be set back further off of the road and I think when we replace the fence, it will just be around the play area and the garden instead of across the front of the property.

    I'm not participating in a craft session today due to our busy weekend. Daughter had a competition at Air Zoo for girls interested in becoming engineers.  It was a great event hosted by the Zoo and Leaugue of Women Engineers. Her team came in third place. 

   Last night I found a trio of French country moss balls on One Kings Lane which I liked but not for $50 or even the $19.99 sale price. I think they would make a darling bowl filler for Easter so if I can make it to the Dollar Store this week, I'll share a very cheap DIY moss ball tutorial next Monday. 

   That's going to wrap it up for me today. The laundry awaits!

Stay warm and dry my friends!


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  1. Morning Christina, Wow!!!! lots of snow in your neck of the woods too, like here......Love the idea of the moss balls, think cute in a wooden bowl for Spring, Blessings Francine.