Formerly Pendleton Primitives

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The humming sound of a window unit.

  It is hot here! Whaaaa. It seems as if just a few weeks ago we were still seeing snow flurries and now we are crowded around a small window unit trying to stay cool in 80 degree weather. I can't honestly tell you why we are crowded around a window unit and not utilizing our central air but I'm sure the home center we purchased our home theough can tell you. We paid for air yet we sit and wait. They show up once a week, push some dirt around and then leave to take other jobs. It's frustrating. The home is nice and we love it here, however, we are all ready for a smooth surface to walk on. We are all tired of tripping on huge dirt rivets in the yard. Plus I'd like some grass out there.

  I did manage to put some crop in the ground and I'm happy to see that the strawberries are doing well and the onions are sprouting but I think I lost much of my seed to a pesky rabbit. BUT I don't think the rabbit will be bothering my garden anymore since I found him in pieces today. Apparently Peter was someone's meal last night.

  We also have been invaded by Finches! They are everywhere since I put out wild Finch seed a few weeks ago and are they are  just the most amusing little characters. I also set out a hummingbird feeder but I have yet to see any. Chipmunks are an issue here and although they are downright adorable, the population is out of control. We also have a couple of nesting Swans, which makes two sets near us and are always a lovely sight.

  Anyhow, the house is coming along and we are settling in just fine. I do post fairly often on Instagram under PrimitiveBlessings since it is such a chore to try and make mobil blogger work. Instagram is just a snap, comment and upload. Love it! So, if you like, find me over there for updated photos of the kids and home.

  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!