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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas in the new house.

  It's been nearly a year since my last post! Wow! I hope some of you hung in there with me.  

 I'm sorry for the hiatus but I've been busy trying to rebuild our lives after having to tear down our farmhouse. We lost roughly 98% of everything we owned. Anyhow, we are settled in the new house and are adjusting well.

  I'm going to get picture heavy on you since I don't have to much to say at the moment. 

   Happy New Year everyone!

The children's playroom.
  My youngest son made me the adorable Christmas plate.
  The children making gingerbread cookies.
  My middle child icing his cookie.
   Gingerbread cookie assembly line.
   My youngest dislikes waiting.
  My daughter trimming the tree.
   The boys helping to trim the playroom tree.
  We had to take a little off the top.
   Our fir tree and first real tree in over 3 years.
  The main living room Christmas display.
  I love this faux white tree which will stay up year round for different holidays.
  Christmas cards from friends and family.
  My Christmas Precious Moments figurines. 

   Snowman cheese stick at the kids school party.

  Melted snowman cookie. So cute!
  My youngest with Santa (bus coordinator).
  Some of our girls.
  My mama Christmas sheep I made from old barnwood.
  Grandma snowWoman I made from old barn wood. She moved next door to live with our neighbor. 
  Farmhouse white ladder with glitter flakes I made from old barn 2x4's for the sweet lady across the way.
  Our main living area and husband relaxing.
  Miniature Christmas display I put together in a table top desk.


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