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Friday, January 30, 2015

My daughter {brag post}.

I'm going to take a moment to brag about my teenage daughter.

My daughter is hearing impaired, socially challenged and for the most part increasingly nonverbal.

Dr's have given us one diagnosis but she is still undergoing testing.

One thing my daughter loves is acting. Of course not so much speaking, although, she will at times but she loves the camera. She adores movies, theatre, Cosplay, anything imaginative and creative.

In September she went to the Salt Lake City Comic Con as a Japanese school girl and was able to meet Captain Jack Harkness from Dr. Who. She smiled and that is very rare. 

For Halloween she went as Elsa from Frozen.

She also dressed up for the Halloween train ride and was thrilled with how many kids came up to hug her. The train station asked her to pose behind their soda fountain for their Halloween brochure.

She definitely loves the camera and has always asked me to book her auditions. I just never could between work and school and the younger children. However, last August she had her first opportunity. I got wind of a local independent film being shot in Grand Rapids and began corresponding with one of the assistant directors. They were more than happy to include not only my daughter in their film but my husband as well. They actually wanted the entire family but I hate the camera and there's no way the boys could have done a 8am-6pm shoot. 

My daughter was used as an extra in several scenes.  She absolutely loved it and the best part was that she made a new friend, another boy her age that one day would like to direct. 

The official trailer has been released but the festival dates have not as of yet.

I do not yet know how to embed links in Blogger mobil so please forgive my ignorance. Here is the link to the Alone in the Universe trailer where you can see my daughter at the 1:43 mark.

I'll always be grateful to Director Joshua Courtade and staff for allowing her the opportunity to experience one of her dreams. Of course now she's got the acting bug bit for the time being we are focusing on local theatre. In fact, she wrapped up The Wizard of Oz last November.

    That's going to wrap up my brag post. I'm pretty proud of this kid for sticking with her goals and dreams. I learn from her everyday and you'd think it would be the other way around. 

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  1. She is such a pretty girl Christina! Thanks for sharing, you have a right to brag on her. Praying you find answers for her.
    Be blessed,

  2. A beautiful girl and she can be an example for others with difficulties. I have a grand son in Chicago pursuing an acting career. Once it bites they are They too were in a movie several years ago as extras. Good luck to her.