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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Valentines crafting.

  Well, I had written a very witty and amusing post but apparently Blogger mobil
 disagreed and erased it.  I really dislike blogging this way, it's such a chore.

  Anyhow, I wanted to show you the pattern I'm working with during our 
bitter cold shut in.
 Truthfully, it's so cold my car has refused to,start for two days. 
True story and a sad one too.

  So the pattern is by Vivian Fuller of Blue Moon Beginnings and it's her 
Primitive Valentine Kitties E-pattern for $6.50

  Here is the Etsy link:

  Here is the first set of kitties I made for a patient of mine. 
This really is such a cute set that I'm going to be 
handing out as gifts this February. 


   I left my white Christmas tree up and made a few fabric hearts to go with the white 
Christmas lights and red Christmas ribbon.
 I also found red hearts and star Christmas ornaments on sale 
for .30 and our Dollar General!

   See the heart with the button in it? .30 at Dollar General!  

    It is white out there. Awful continuous sheets of high speed snow and ice. Yuck. I'm going to stay indoors and
enjoy our heater. 

  Winter wonderland blessings!


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