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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Hearts Week and a very special box.

  Happy hearts week to everyone! 

  Do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day?

  Here it sort of blends in with our anniversary which is the 19TH so basically the entire month of February is just one big celebration of love in our home.  This year marks 15 years of marriage so I've been trying to come up with creative romantic ideas for our big day but I'm thinking we will probably just try for a nice dinner somewhere. 

  In addition to planning something for my anniversary I also organized several Valentine's boxes which I mailed to Grandparents, Aunts and Friends. I was a busy gal here the last few weeks. One of those boxes went to my good blogger friend Cindi of Cindi's Country Corner. Cindi had contacted me on Pinterest via message and after chatting we decided to exchange small boxes.  I sent mine out last week with a few goodies I picked up from Shipshewanna including apple butter, heart candies and an Amish toddlers outfit. There was also a yo-yo candle mat I bought from Ebay and a prairie doll I made. 

    Cindi's box of goodies arrived yesterday and the kids helped me tear into it but unfortunately I didn't get any photos until after the damage was done.


  Little jars Cindi sent. I love the Farmhouse white gleam of them.

  Wonderfully had stitched pillow she made.

   Soy candle and tin candle holder with heart punch outs.

  And hand stitched tags for my Valentine tree. Cindi had also made cinnamon hearts but they didn't make the journey :(

   And if the box wasn't sweet enough already and had far exceed a small box, she also included a white heart basket and three mini bunnies which I adore. She wanted to kick me off for Easter! 

   So it's official, Cindi is just the sweetest person ever and you should visit her blog if you haven't already and say hello. 

   I'm off now to plan for the busy week and to plan dinner but I hope you all have a wonderful night and a great next weekend planned.